Camping in Utah

I realize I haven’t posted for probably a month, but before you go on accusing me I have some very good reasons as to my recent falling off the face of the Earth. Instead of falling off the Earth, I ventured more into it. Now I didn’t actually go inside the Earth but I explored the outside of it. Anyways, back onto the subject.

I recently went camping in Utah and being a California native, I was not used to the knowledge of knowing how far away from the coast I was. It was weird. So Utah is absolutely beautiful, though quite hot. I bet it looks better in the winter with all the snow. Anyways, the first location where we camped was a place who’s name escapes me at the moment but starts with a “P,” and then Bryce Canyon. Though we also visited Capital Gorge and Zion National Park.


(@ the first campsite, yes, we were by the lake)


(view of the lake from the lodging area which we didn’t stay at)

It was a fun-filled camp experience with boating (my first time driving a boat and I admit that I did crash into another boat but that’s another story for another time), camp fires, and a ton of hiking. And I mean a TON.


(panoramic view from Capital Gorge)

There were a ton of tourists at the big parks such as Capital Gorge, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Park. But all the parks are huge so no big-gy. If you do plan on visiting these parks, I must tell you that they charge for entrance, such as $20 per vehicle and other prices if you walk in or have a motorcycle. This entrance pass is then good for up to a week from purchase. Capital Gorge however does not have one of these entrances where you must pay but instead have a information bulletin asking for a $10 entrance fee pass, but most people either ignore this or don’t see it. Us and probably two other cars were the only ones with entrance passes. Oh well.

If you plan on visiting Capital Gorge, be aware that you will be four-wheeling and bring a car that is suited for this type of terrain. We used a Honda CR-V but I would’ve prefer using a Jeep Wrangler or Rubicon in my opinion. Though to be honest I probably only saw one Jeep Wrangler in Capital Gorge and the rest of the cars were like Honda Civics or stuff like that.

The hike trails at Bryce start as short as 2 miles one way, with that trail branching off into other trails if you want to continue venturing and apparently they go up to 13 miles. Camping with two oldies (my parents), we did the 4 mile hike. With me far up ahead and them two struggling to keep walking. The hike is tiring, I’ll admit that, but because of the sharp incline that goes on and on and on and the fact that we were up at 9,000 to 10,000 ft in elevation. As I said earlier, I am a California girl, I grew up at ocean-level. And though I run daily and exercise, I was a bit short of breathe being that it takes a week acclimate and we were barely there for 4 days. The first three days didn’t include much hiking, it was the last couple days when we were at Bryce and Zion when we actually started to hike.

At Zion, we hiked along the Waterwalk. It’s a fairly flat trail along the river that ends at about 2 miles. From there you walk in the river to continue going. Some parts of the river get waist deep so if you’re thinking of doing it, wear clothes to go swimming in, because you’ll likely want to go swimming somewhere along the trial. While walking on the trail, we saw many families and groups of friends swimming and having fun in the river.

So if you’re thinking of doing a road trip or vacation in Utah, these are definitely 2 spots to stay at. The scenery is beautiful and is a great way to connect to nature (especially if you camp). So what are you waiting for and get out there and start camping!


New Girl – True American drinking game

Letting it out...


I have to say when I saw the first episode of New Girl the series had me. I love the whole setup.

In the episode Normal they played a drinking game that had me tickled about the rules and how to play it.  So I went a little info hunting and came up with this results. Hope for those out there who are also curious about the game that this helps.


The Castle

The Castle is made up of one bottle of liquor and many cans of beer (you decide how many based on the number of
players). The liquor is the King and sits in the middle of the Castle. The cans of beer are the Pawns and the Soldiers of the Secret Order. The Pawns are lined up in four lines radiating outward from the King. These lines of Pawns also signify the
barriers between each zone. The…

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Let’s Talk Pixie Cuts

About 3 weeks ago I cut off all my hair. I donated 18 inches to Locks of Love and currently am rocking a pixie cut. Before cutting my hair, I thought that pixie cuts were awesome and the girls that had them were so freaking brave. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I was going to cut my hair this short. But here I am, with a pixie cut and I don’t regret it. I wanted to cry when I first got it because it was such a shock, I didn’t know how else to react, but after awhile, it grows on you.

When my one of my friends first saw it she kept gushing about how brave I am to go this short. And I will say that it does take a lot of guts to cut your hair this short. The thought that somebody might mistake me as a boy is probably my worst nightmare but I’m fighting it by dressing girly to the max. Every time I step out of the house I’m either wearing a skirt or dress. And this hot weather in California certainly helps. Thankfully, I haven’t gotten mistaken as a boy, even when I wasn’t wearing a dress or skirt so gives me faith in my facial characteristics. If you’ve been considering getting a pixie cut, I would tell you to definitely go for it. And just fyi bobby pins become your best friend.

It definitely is super easy to maintain, and I’m still getting used to not having to dry a lot of hair. It also dries super fast. You don’t even have to dry it. It basically styles itself so usually I’ll just stick a few bobby pins in and head out. I’ve read online that you shouldn’t wash your hair everyday but my hair gets oily impossibly fast, though massaging coconut oil into your scalp is always a good idea. So whether you’ve been toying with the idea of going short and getting a pixie cut or not, I’d definitely recommend you to go for it. I mean this is the youngest you’ll ever be from now on and life’s not taking a hold for you to make a decision. Go for it and don’t regret it.


Growing Up Millennial

The Captain's Speech

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 3.54.51 AMAs a person born in the 90s, I am classified as a millennial, which means I am everything that is wrong with the world today. I stare at a screen instead of talking to people. I expect everything handed to me. I am lazy. I binge watch television shows. I overuse the word “binge”. I expect a trophy when I fail. I take selfies everywhere. I am narcissistic. I am entitled. I don’t read the newspaper. I spend too much time on “The Twitter.”

Or at least that’s how I’m categorized.

As if I’m a book and my date of birth is the summary on the back, telling everyone exactly what I’m about.

I feel as though there is a sense of pride that people have for growing up when they did. I look back on the 90s and am thrilled to call that decade my childhood. Just as people born in…

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Haircut Fail

Recently, as in yesterday, I went to go get my hair cut. Now, my hair was reaching my lower back and I had decided for a couple of months that I wanted to go short and donate it all. However, a very smart decision that I had made was to wait until I finished my semester at college. Smart right? So that in case if it hadn’t turned out how I wanted it, there would be no one to see it. Well, I showed the lady this picture so that she knew how short I wanted it:


But what I ended up with was:


I know what you’re thinking. They look the same, what’s the difference? It’s one thing when its not your hair but it’s a whole different matter when it IS your hair. I didn’t want the other side that short! And it’s a tad bit longer than Mae Whitman’s so it looks like I’m growing out a shaved side. Plus with my thick, insanely straight hair, it sticks up like it’s no one else’s business. Besides, what’s up with hair stylists and their insistence to keep cutting? After she realized that she messed up and that I had asked her for a longer cut, she took some hair from my bangs to cover it up. But by doing that it looks even more awkward. Is it too much to ask for a haircut the way you want it? Currently I am searching up ways to lengthen my hair naturally and what I should avoid doing to help promote hair growth. So if I find anything I will keep you posted. (Announcer’s voice) Stay tuned for next time when Danielle attempts to fix her embarrassing haircut!

Oh gosh, I’m so weird… How do I even have friends?

Hello world!

This is my very first blog post so bear with me. My blog will mostly cover books, diy, and healthy foods, as well as photography. (Also, a fair warning: my fandoms may make their way onto my blog) As a person who swears by pinterest, I’ll be referring and posting some things from there obviously. So hopefully you like it and hopefully people even read this and I’m not just talking to myself…